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Long-browed camel walking in the dawn light in Mulei County, NW China's Xinjiang

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On September 12, 2021, groups of long-browed camels walk in the dawn light at the Akedala Village in Dashitou Township in Mulei Kazakh Autonomous County, northwest China’s Xinjiang, and their leisure postures form a unique scenery on the vast Gobi grassland.

Mulei Kazakh Autonomous County is known as the “hometown of China’s long-browed camel”. In 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture officially approved the registration and protection of geographical indication for agricultural products for the Mulei long-browed camels. Compared with normal camel, long-browed camel embraces longer and thicker eyebrow, while the average hair yield of normal domestic camel is only 70% of the long-browed camel. (Correspondents: Haylat Habuliz, Zou Rongnian, Li Jiangshan)